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27 March 2020

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Register on the Level 1 Concourse


Hon Mick de Brenni MP - Minister for Housing and Public Works, Minister for Digital Technology, and Minister for Sport



Breeanna Brock - CEO, Brisbane Lions Womens

Eugenie Buckley -Managing Director, Suiko

Todd Harris - CEO, Stadiums Queensland

James Hinchey - Participation Strategy, Education & Projects Senior Manager,



Moving the Dial: Reporting Back on Key Queensland Sports Collective Projects

Get your updates on from the movers and shakers who presented at the Inaugural Queensland Sports Collective event back in March. We were intrigued by James Hinchey’s story of how NRL are evolving their junior sport product.  We’ll see if he is still looking for that escape door at the back of the room.

Todd Harris, CEO of Stadiums Queensland, will provide us with an update on major sports infrastructure development in Queensland. We are keen to hear his thoughts on what was learned form the Joh Lee Review and what lies ahead for Queensland facilities and stadia.

AFLW has taken Australia by storm.  On the eve of her third season, we hear from Breeana Brock, CEO of the Brisbane Lions Women’s Team on the progress of the Women’s game, lessons learned, how its evolving and an insight into Brisbane’s tilt at a Cup in 2019/2020 season.


Nick Hockley - CEO, ICC T20 World Cup 2020

Belinda Clark - Executive General Manager, Community Cricket, Cricket Australia


Major Events - ICC T20 World Cup 2020



Light refreshments will be served on the Concourse.


Dean Robinson - Social Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Iain Roy - Sports Integrity Expert

Tracey Pelling - Manager Investigations, Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner


Integrity in Sport

Doping, gambling, cheating, match fixing or discrimination, whichever form it’s in, integrity in sport, is the fastest evolving challenge in sport right now.  It is also probably the most poorly understood.

This panel will explore the insights from people with real lived experience of integrity challenges in sport.  For most of us we get only what is reported in the media. This is an opportunity to gain a 3-dimensional view of the challenges we face in sport; to hear from all sides of the debate based on their experience, knowledge and sometimes scars.


​Greg Hallam - CEO, Local Government Association of Queensland 


Local Hero - Local Government and the Relationship with Sport

In the lead up to Local Government elections in early 2020, Greg Hallam, CEO of LGAQ will look at the relationship between local Government and sport. Local Government is arguably the largest investor in community sport.  From Infrastructure to services, Greg will unpack what sport can do to build stronger and more beneficial relationships with local governments.



Take a tour of the amazing new Queensland State Netball Centre and join us for a game of volleyball, basketball or netball.


Catherine Clark - CEO, Netball Queensland

Ben Mannion - CEO, Queensland Touch NRL

Wayne Goldsmith - Moregold Performance Consulting


1A. Panel Session - Leading Change in Member Organisations

Winning participants and fans is about strategy and structure, culture and execution.  Netball Queensland has pursued a change agenda, successfully, for the past four years.  Stepping beyond constitutional and competitions reform, NQ is poised for their biggest disruption yet - a new operating model. The new model brings together the human and business sides of sport in way that can unleash the growth of the sport.  In this session Catherine Clark, CEO, will outline Netball’s journey and what lies ahead.

1B. The Art of Coaching and the Impact on Junior Sport

Getting kids to play sport has been a “thing” for longer than we can all remember.  But what is it that gets kids playing sport, and what is it that keeps them playing, or stops them playing?  In this session Wayne Goldsmith will share his thoughts and insights on the opportunities and barriers which impact a thriving junior sport environment. Our hypothesis is that coaching is critical so we are going to specifically look at the current and future state of coaching. What do we need to change, or do differently, to make our kids love participating in sport?


Ben Mannion - CEO, Queensland Touch NRL

Wing Cheung - Digital Strategy & Insights Deputy General Manager, Sport Australia

Emma Haller - General Manager Business Transformation,  Relationships Australia

Sam Walch - Managing Director, Codeware

Catherine Clark - CEO, Netball Queensland

Sonya Beyers - FAICD, Governance Consultant

Julie Hood - Business Capability - Governance and Planning, Sport New Zealand


Digital Transformation in Sport

We all know that the technology revolution is ubiquitous, touching all aspects of everyday life. Yet sports organisations in Australia are investing about 2% of revenue into technology and digital infrastructure. This panel will interrogate the urgency of digital evolution for sport, the barriers and the opportunities. With the wealth of experience on this Panel, we will be treated to real life case studies, and the lessons to be learned.

Governance in Sport

Governance has been a focus in the sports industry, across the globe. More recently in Australia, several high-profile inquiries have placed Governance under the microscope. The Royal Commission into Banking and Financial Services, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Assault and the Wood Review have all highlighted the importance of effective governance in creating ethical, transparent and high performing organisations that satisfy community expectations. This panel will look at the approaches to Governance in Australia and New Zealand and Julie will share with the group how Sport New Zealand is tackling good governance as part of their new Strategic Plan.



Light refreshments will be served.


Sarah Kelly

Belinda Clark - Executive General Manager, Community Cricket, Cricket Australia

Gabi Simpson - Captain QLD Firebirds, Australian Diamond

Chris Rawlinson - Olympic Track and Field Athlete for Great Britain


The Athlete Perspective - Insights from Athletes on the Journey from Community Sport to the World Stage

This session is an opportunity to hear about the lived experience in sport, from the Athlete perspective.  From what got them playing and what kept them playing, to what helped and hindered them achieving at the elite level.  Too often athletes are spoken about and spoken for. This Panel session is about hearing the athlete’s voice, their different stories, how we can learn and grow our understanding of the different challenges facing athlete’s today.  



An opportunity to catch up with colleagues, meet new people and kick back for a Friday night drink.


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Queensland State Netball Centre
590 Mains Road, Nathan