Dean Robinson


A high performance leader with over 15 years’ experience in change management, capability development, M&A and data analytics, leadership and strategy implementation, I have a Senior Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School. My significant experience in influential leadership roles across several sporting codes and with Olympic athletes, covering both high performance coaching and operations management has been successfully transitioned into the corporate world.

As a Specialist Advisor with KPMG I lead a team of M&A professionals covering all aspects of transactional services around mergers, divestitures, acquisitions, and related due diligence, risk management and data analytics. I add value by identifying opportunities through innovative, lateral thinking with a holistic overview, bringing strategic insight, effective stakeholder management and client negotiation.

Previously I successfully led individuals and teams to winning outcomes, achieving success at the highest amateur (national, international and Olympic) and professional levels across multiple sports. This was achieved through a holistic approach of analysing multiple variables to identify opportunities to strategically enhance performance and success as High Performance Manager/Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist. I have provided leadership of up to 20 direct reports and 90 individuals overall including sports players.

I have a strong work ethic based on the defining statement simple yet innovative. I’m committed to the goal, believing in excellence and attention to detail, while providing an inclusive and inspiring culture. I am highly skilled at identifying, developing, mentoring and leading talent within organisations and enabling them to achieve beyond expectations. I’m passionate about ensuring that people around me succeed in the endeavours that they undertake and value assisting them to become the best that they can be in all areas of life. 

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