Emma Haller

Emma Haller


Understanding the uniqueness of being human and our need to belong, be part of communities and nurture relationships are at the heart of Emma’s digital passions. Using digital technologies Emma, with her wealth of international experience seeks to amplify and scale the communication required to maintain engagement and nurture relationships. This level of engagement on a human level is unachievable at scale but within our connected world we can achieve a similar experience.


Emma uses a measurable approach to understanding the digital personality and culture of an organisation and what an ideal engagement experience would be for members.  This personality and culture, coupled with the strategic objectives and existing technology investments determine the best approach for a consistent customer experience.

Emma believes that digital enables businesses and communities to reduce the distance from the customer to the heart of the business!


In Emma’s view the main questions any business should ask are:

  • Who are our audience?

  • What is our message?

  • What would one like the experience to be?

  • What technology investments exist and could be re-used?


Depending on the maturity of existing technology, Emma believes that organisations can build an evidence base using data sets of customer interactions to create strategies for improvement and to meet objectives.

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