Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson


Chad is fuelled by a passion to improve the future for all Australians.

A lateral thinker, skilled collaborator and keen learner Chad is highly skilled at building and motivating dynamic teams and improving organisation performance through a focus on relationships, acute identification of opportunity and co-creating transformational strategies.

A proven leader, Chad drives the strategic agenda by anticipating the shifting environment and facilitating the design of impactful interventions which improve the position of the organisation and system. Creating environments where ideas flourish around a shared vision and strong performance culture, Chad builds diverse and empowered teams that are geared to innovate, deliver and sustain success.

With 20 years experience across financial, education and sport sectors Chad has a record of achievement which is strongly suited to leadership roles that enable successful contribution, achievement of business development and influence a better Australia. 

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The Queensland Sports Collective is a thought leadership forum.  It is handcrafted by the industry for the industry. The Sports Collective forum is an arena for discussion, debate, learning and connection.  We aim to bring people together to hear from the movers and shakers, to gain insights from industry disruptors pushing the boundaries and those negotiating challenging issues. In doing so we will foster the kind of collaboration, networking and knowledge transfer that will strengthen our industry. 


In an era where it’s all about connection, this Forum is your chance to get connected - to the latest trends, innovations and important conversations impacting sport.  If you are in sport, be part of the Sports Collective. We would love to see you there!