• Felicity Moore

8 Reasons you need to attend the Queensland Sports Collective

Haven’t got your tickets to the Queensland Sports Collective Forum yet? Here are eight compelling reasons why you should grab tickets now before they sell out.

1. Talk Sports: This is a conference tailored for you and the issues that you face in your job. Often, professional development conferences have a tangential relationship to sport – they can be a little generic. But this conference has an entire slate of speakers geared towards talking sports and the unique issues that face those of us in the business of sport. How good is that?

2. Useful networking: Unlike the networking at those more generic events, the people at the Queensland Sports Collective are all just like you. They work in sport, or a sport-related field and they have an understanding about the issues you face. The understand that the job is not 9-to-5, that there is a lot of weekend work, and that your customers are actually sports fans or sports participants and that’s a very different sales model to most jobs. This is your tribe! How can you say no to that?

3. Leadership connections: Meet our keynote speakers, ask questions directly and make a real connection. Our events are intimate enough that you can talk to every one of our inspirational thought leaders. This is too good an opportunity to miss!

4. Contagious thinking: Leading thinker and author Jonah Berger, who wrote Contagious: Why Things Spread, an analysis about why things go viral, said good ideas are contagious and all it takes is a couple of people to share an idea for it to begin. Learn how others are tackling the same problems you face. If you hear a good idea that could spark an idea and that idea may lead to another idea. You’ll get promoted and a pay rise! Just like that!

5. See the QSNC: Bring your work brain to a new location and see the brand new $44 million Queensland State Netball Centre, which is home to the Queensland Firebirds and the Brisbane Bullets. After all a change is as good as a holiday!

6. Hear from the Minister: Keynote speaker the Minister for Sport, the Honourable Mick de Brenni will share the government’s new funding strategy for sport. Don’t miss this chance to ask questions that are pertinent to your sport and your industry.

7. Avoid FOMO: Face it, your social media feed will probably be filled with your network of peers posting tidbits from the conference, sharing how much they loved it, how much they learned and how they can’t wait for the next one. Do you really want to be left out? Avoid FOMO – grab your tickets now!

8. It’s the only one of its kind: The Queensland Sports Collective Forum is the only event of its kind and the only event that has been heralded as a revolution for the sports industry that everyone must attend. Where else will you be able to access this kind of information, support and content that has been created with you in mind? And if you don’t attend this one, you’ll have to wait until next year for the next one. Who’s got that kind of time?

The Queensland Sports Collective Forum brings together thought leaders from across a range of codes and sectors to tackle the issues that are faced in sport. Don’t miss this opportunity – grab your tickets today


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The Queensland Sports Collective is a thought leadership forum.  It is handcrafted by the industry for the industry. The Sports Collective forum is an arena for discussion, debate, learning and connection.  We aim to bring people together to hear from the movers and shakers, to gain insights from industry disruptors pushing the boundaries and those negotiating challenging issues. In doing so we will foster the kind of collaboration, networking and knowledge transfer that will strengthen our industry. 


In an era where it’s all about connection, this Forum is your chance to get connected - to the latest trends, innovations and important conversations impacting sport.  If you are in sport, be part of the Sports Collective. We would love to see you there!